RUSSIA — Listeners of TWR programming write or call to ask questions about the Bible, tell their testimonies, express thanks for the ministry – even, sometimes, to dispute the gospel itself. But pretty often they just need someone to share a personal burden, and they turn to those radio speakers with whom they have developed a long-distance relationship.

A Russian listener got in touch with the staff of Project Hannah to say that the hosts of the program Women of Hope provided just the solace and uplift she needed during a tough time.

When there are hardships in life, comfort is only with the Lord, and only on Christ can we put that heavy burden. I experience that as well: There are calm and quiet times, and then a storm comes up and so much hurt. I pray and pray, but sorrow is not leaving.

And then I heard your message. I was rejoicing over every word. I got wings and received assurance in the victory of the knowledge that the Lord is always hearing me and will not leave me and will not let the enemy rejoice over my sorrow. Even my daughter told me: “You are teaching me to trust in the Lord, and now you are in despair yourself.”

But my sorrow is very great. The sorrow of a mother. My youngest daughter went into the world and is living according to the flesh. That is so hard to see. Yet your message gave me lots of comfort. It was like hearing God’s voice through you. Everything suddenly became so clear – just receive and believe it!

My wounded heart was touched, and I cried for joy. And now I write and cry again remembering the joy I had at that moment. Dear sisters, thank you so much for such valuable material, for bringing it into my suffering heart.

TWR programs reach Russian listeners via AM, FM and shortwave. Along with Women of Hope, a wide variety of programs are broadcast in Russian, among them Independence, Thru the Bible and The Little Seed.