COLOMBIA — I’m a professional soldier of my country, Colombia. I’m in my eighth year.

Some of us like to have a radio to listen to the music. … One night I was flipping through the AM dial, since that is when you can pick up the signal in the jungles. I picked up the signal of stations in the capital and heard that they were talking about the Apocalypse on Thru the Bible. … Every night, even though it was difficult, I tried to listen. And two nights later, I received Jesus Christ as my Savior.

I thank the Almighty for your program. … My opinion of the program is that it is exquisite spiritual food. Where I am now, I do not get the signal from the station, but, thank God, I do get it on my cellphone. I take advantage of the technology to be connected with you through Facebook.

I will always continue in prayer for this blessed program. Glory to God for the gift that you have. May it reach every corner of the earth as it reached me far from civilization.

Facts about Colombia*:

  • Long-running violence stemming from an insurgency and drug trafficking have diminished in recent years.
  • Violence and extortion are ongoing threats to missionaries in the country.
  • Although the Catholic Church remains the largest denomination by far, the numbers of evangelicals and charismatics have grown significantly.

* Some of the information cited here comes from Operation World, 7th edition.