CAMBODIA –- On one of the regular trips to the villages, the TWR team in Cambodia met up with an elderly man named Phat Chea* who is a faithful listener of TWR radio programs. He shares this with us:

“I am so grateful that I can hear the word of life through the Thru The Bible program in this old age of mine.

“I really enjoy listening to all the programs that are produced by TWR Cambodia. The programs guide me to see Him clearer each day and I have found that God is the one who is faithful with what He has promised to His people. He will fulfill those promises through His mercy and grace. I like spending my time listening to the program because God always speaks to me through His word.

“Sometimes I feel too lazy to walk with Him, because I think I am too old to go on, but the program has motivated me to seek Him more and to find His plan for me even in my old age, just like the elderly people that are recorded in the Bible. So I have decided to give my whole life to serve Him at church and in my community. I encourage them to listen to His words on air and motivate them to continue their strong belief in Him as the only Savior for hopeless people.”

It is so encouraging to hear elderly folks turn to him and seek him even when they feel they cannot do much. Phat Chea shows us that we are never too old to share the gospel and encourage those around us!

*not his real name

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