NEPAL — Akash* was no stranger to religion. In fact, he said he had read many religious books, but claimed to have found no truth in any of them. So when a friend gave him a Bible many years ago, he ignored it.

“I didn’t think to read it, as Christianity is not a religion of my country.”

Also, it was always at the back of his mind that many people converted to Christianity only for the fact that they could receive money from Western countries.

However, one day curiosity got the better of him and he decided nothing was very wrong with just reading it. No one would know anyway. So he started reading it page by page. As the chapters unfolded, Akash began to feel a stirring inside of him to find out more about Jesus.

“As I finished reading it, an inner voice told me that Jesus is really God, and complete peace came into my heart.”

At that point, Akash did not know how to pray and did not even have a single person he could share his new-found faith with.

“My joy knew no bounds when I heard the radio program Heralds of Hope. This program helped me understand the word of God even better and fed me nutrients as a baby Christian.”

Today, Akash is glad that his family is one that worships the Lord and obeys his commandments.

“Now we know that we have a great God even though we do not have anything else in this world.”

*not his real name