NEPAL — Kamal’s family and friends were not happy when he decided to follow Jesus after hearing the In Touch program broadcast by TWR in the Nepali language.

Kamal, a listener from the Kapilvastu district in the western region of Nepal, heard about the broadcast from a friend, who had been listening to it for a long time.

“I felt convicted of what the program was telling me, that I was a sinner that Jesus had come to save,” he said. “I decided that I wanted to follow Him. I joined the church and started taking part in church worship. Through all this, I grew in my faith.”

His friends and family asked why he changed his religion and he encouraged them to listen to the radio programs.

“They have not been receptive, but I am not discouraged,” Kamal said. “Through Jesus’ living words in TWR’s programs, like In Touch, I receive full help, joy, and comfort in my heart!”

Listeners who find Christ still face the reality of families and friends who do not understand their decision. Some choose to distance themselves from the new believers, while others demonstrate more extreme responses.

Let’s pray for believers across Asia who are facing such circumstances in their lives.