Media ministry goes beyond broadcasting biblical content. We work to develop partnerships on the ground who will follow-up with listeners, praying for them and helping them get connected to a local church.

Jarome, a listener of Women of Hope in the Philippines, shared this in a text message to the team:

Good day my sisters in the Lord. I am happy because God answered our prayer. I am not only physically healed but now I am also reinstated at my work. I want to thank and praise God because of you helping me through prayer. I love our TWR family, best regards.”


Jarome told the Philippines team he was healead from his paralysis, which was the result of a stroke. He credits it to their prayers and listening to the programs. He stopped working because of his stroke, but after two years of a strong relationship with God along with exercise and discipline he is now very well and is able to return to his former work.


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