PERU — José discovered Thru the Bible by listening to the broadcasts of TWR’s national partner in Peru. Today, digital innovations are making it possible for him to dig even deeper into the Word:

Thank you for your courses and words of encouragement, fresh water for my soul, which is in such need of truth and can find redemption only through the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I tell you that the first time I heard you a year and a half ago was on Radio Integridad in Lima, Peru. Now I listen to your courses on my cellphone since I was able to get them on the Internet. This is the advantage of technology, and I am taking advantage of it in this way. At work, on the street, whenever I can put on my headphones, I listen.

It is very interesting. One program ends, and I start another one. If I do not understand something, I repeat it and repeat it. Sometimes I scold myself and say, “How can you not understand, José!” But I feel that this is vanity and that it only causes me to lose time and puts me behind in terms of knowledge of the Bible.

Facts About Peru*:

  • Since the waning of a violent insurgency, the economic and political outlook for Peru has improved significantly, but corruption continues to be a problem.
  • The number of evangelicals is 40 times what it was 50 years ago, and Christianity is taking root among many of the indigenous peoples.
  • Theological training for pastors in the growing evangelical church is considered to be a dire need.

*Operation World, 7th edition