GUATEMALA — Along with my husband and another couple in our church, we organized a school for parents. Every Sunday and Saturday we gather to encourage one another and to learn how to be better fathers and mothers.

I find out that your programs have good information to share with the parents in our school for parents. We gather each week to talk about a new subject, and I always need new information. I search your website for new information.

We have other groups with mothers who have teenage children.

I wish you a lot of blessings in your ministry. We need you.

Facts about Guatemala*:

  • Violence has been described as a “present-day plague” and has various causes, from youth gangs to drug traffickers.
  • Evangelicals and charismatics have grown so much that they account for nearly a quarter of the population. Too often, however, discipleship is undervalued in the churches.
  • With transmitters and towers in strategic locations, TWR’s national partner in Guatemala, Radio Cultural TGN, broadcasts across the country and into neighboring Mexico and other parts of Central America.

* Some of the information cited here comes from Operation World, 7th edition.