TWR received this letter from a listener in China:

To all the staff of TWR, greetings!

I listened to your programs over the Internet between 2005 and 2010. Before 2006 I could receive your programs through shortwave radio. Then in 2006 with the installation of the broadband system, I started to receive your programs through the computer.

My favorite program is Thru The Bible. I have been greatly helped by your programs because I am on the working committee of a city church. By listening to your programs, my service to the people has vastly improved.

During the economic depression in China in 1998, I became a Christian. I was going through a lot of difficulties at that time. Some Christians shared the gospel with me and I accepted. At that time I had faith in God whole-heartedly. This led me to see in surprise how God brought me forward in the storms. During that time, I was determined that I would believe in the Lord for the rest of my life, to live my life to glorify God and bless others!

In 2000 I was baptized in the church. In the beginning, reading the Bible was not interesting to me. Until I listened to TWR, I was enlightened. Praise God! The grace of God is indescribable. Now I am serving at my fellowship and leading spiritual meetings. I also lead Bible studies. Life is busy. However busy I am, whenever I listen to your programs, I feel strength growing in me through your programs. I get nurtured from them as well. This helps me to share with the brothers and sisters in my fellowship.