INDONESIA – When Nora* was a teenager, she became very ill. Her parents brought her to see many doctors, and tried various treatments from both modern and traditional medicine. However, Nora did not get better – instead, her condition worsened.

One day, Nora was listening to the radio when she heard a program that piqued her interest. It was TWR’s Women of Hope program in the Indonesian language, and the voice on the radio was sharing insights on the topic of health. Nora listened intently.

In the next segment, the program host shared a devotional message. Nora heard the name of Jesus mentioned in the program, and immediately realized she was listening to a Christian program. Even though Nora and her family come from a non-Christian background, she carried on listening. The host called Jesus the Savior, with miraculous power to heal.

After the program, Nora approached her parents and asked them to allow her to be a Christian. She wanted to follow Jesus so she could be healed.

Her parents not only gave Nora their permission, they decided to accompany her on this journey of faith. Together, they looked for a pastor to guide them to Christ. When they spoke to the pastor, they shared how they wanted to follow Christ because they wanted Jesus to heal Nora. By this point, Nora had been ill for three years.

The pastor prayed unceasingly for healing, and Nora was miraculously healed of her illness. Overjoyed, Nora and her parents’ faith in Jesus grew more and more.

Today, Nora is in her late 20s. She and her parents are regular listeners of TWR’s Indonesian radio programs, and they are also a part of a listener group. They regularly study the Bible by listening to the programs, and have grown deeper in their faith since.

“Thank you TWR for leading me to know Jesus more and more. Please pray I will be faithful in following Him. Pray also for me and my family so we can share Jesus with others.”

*not her real name