During the Cold War, countless listeners behind the Iron Curtain depended on TWR broadcasts as the source of biblical truth and encouragement. Today most of the former Soviet Bloc countries are less restrictive of religious practice, though conditions change from time to time.

One of them, Ukraine, is home to a dynamic and effective partner of TWR. They Have Lived Through It is the English name of a program produced by TWR Ukraine and featuring the stories of Christians who endured persecution during the old days. This listener got in touch to share his own experiences:

Dear staff of TWR! I am listening to your programs daily and would like to tell you something about myself. In Soviet times, workers of the KGB interrogated me several times – more than 10. Yet, praise the Lord, not I but the Holy Spirit through me was giving them answers.

And they were many – 10 people and all with high education – and they marveled at how I was answering them. It was not me but the Holy Spirit. Praise God.

I always fasted and prayed and asked God for wisdom, and God gave me answers. I cannot forget that. I have already written to you that I preached the Word of God in different cities. I was beaten by the communists, fined, and got a sentence of seven years’ imprisonment.

God wondrously kept me and healed me. And up to today, I am alive and physically healthy.

Facts About Ukraine:

  • The country has been affected by conflict between the Ukrainian-speaking and Russian-speaking populations. Today there are two recording studios in Ukraine, where national co-workers produce the programs in Ukrainian and Russian.
  • TWR has been preparing radio programs in the Ukrainian language since 1962. Among the productions today are two discipleship programs, Man and Eternity, aimed at listeners already involved in churches, and Voice of Eternal Love, which offers a biblical perspective on serious social problems such as abortion, AIDS and drugs.