THAILAND — Many women in Asia need a healing touch from God. They are suffering from physical and emotional hurts that if left untreated, could lead them into desperation and depression.

Through the programs broadcasted by TWR, we get to hear some of the needs women in Thailand have. Nat from Eastern Thailand tells us her story.

“My family has been listening to the programs for many years, even though we were not yet Christians then. We kept listening to your programs until we understood the principles of the Bible and that Jesus Christ sacrificed Himself for our sins.”

Her whole family including her husband and two children have all accepted Christ into their hearts. She happily shares that her family is now at peace. Her husband has abandoned vices such as alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and gambling. He is a changed man and the whole family has been blessed.

Nat continues, “Though we are not very rich, we are very happy, and we have enough money. We’re not in lack. We have sufficient food at every meal and the important thing is we have no debts. Before believing in God, we had a lot of debts and our water and electricity were cut off.”

Not only has God touched Nat through the program, He has also performed a miracle in the life of Som from Chiang Mai. Som was facing what seemed to be an endless flood of troubles and confusion surrounding her family. As if that was not enough, she was also very ill. Peace came to her when she came across the program Women of Hope on radio one day.

She was challenged to give her life to Christ.”I had nothing to lose anyway.” she shared. Little did she expect her life to turn around for the better! Through the program, she began praying fervently. That was when God started to heal her until one day she realized that she was totally healed! Som exclaims, “I am very thankful to Jesus! I can now work well and my family is very peaceful and happy!”

It is wonderful to know that God is touching the lives of people such as Nat and Som through our programs. As people of God, there are many things we can do to reach out to the people who are hurting and need a touch from God.

If you would like to join us in touching the hearts of women such as Nat and Som, please do not hesitate to come alongside us. You can be a part of this ministry by giving to the women in Thailand. We pray that your gift will truly expand the Kingdom of God so that hurting woman everywhere can find hope!