China — A few years ago, a TWR ministry leader went to China on a field trip and had the opportunity to meet Ruth. Ruth was a new believer then. She is married with a 12-year-old daughter. Her marriage, however, has been on the verge of divorce several times. Ruth’s husband is a compulsive gambler, and she has been physically abused by him. Not surprisingly, she has been leading a life filled with hurt, anger and bitterness.

The ministry leader gave her a compact disc containing some Bible stories along with a portable audio player with programs in her native language, hoping that she would find spiritual healing in the Word of God.

On a recent trip to China, our ministry leader managed to catch up with Ruth again to find out how she was getting along. It turns out Ruth has been listening to the programs with her family from the day she received them. Thankfully, she has been healed from her hurts, and, by God’s grace, her marriage was saved. Through it all, she has learned the importance of forgiveness.

“I am now a changed person,” Ruth says. “If God had not guided me, I would not be able to forgive my husband. I stopped being resentful toward him. He still gambles, but he is slowly trying to change. He has already changed in other areas, for example, helping my parents and picking up our child after school. We have stopped quarreling and our relationship has improved.

“I do not harbor anger and bitterness anymore. Amazingly, my overall health has also improved! My life is significantly more joyful now. I am very thankful to God.”

Since then, Ruth has passed on the CD and portable audio player to nonbeliever friends she is reaching out to while praying that God’s Word would be a blessing for them as well.

Praise God that his Word is able to bring hope, salvation and healing to all who listen and believe!