THAILAND — When a marriage falls apart, people get hurt and some lose hope. A listener from Thailand shares his experience:

“I would like to share a story from my past, when I was deeply hurt.

“My wife ran away with another man. At that time, I felt very upset and hurt. I did not understand why or how it happened. These feelings kept coming up and many thoughts circled in my mind. I could not sleep. I was anxious and I would stay awake all night.

My friend introduced me to your wonderful program, Women of Hope. I decided to follow the instructions on the radio to call and ask for more programs. I was sent a set of books as well as CDs of Women of Hope programs, which I really enjoyed listening to every day. It was such an encouragement.

God gave me healing and his love filled me. I am no longer lonely and hurt anymore… I’m really thankful to God and all of you.”