EGYPT — I bought a radio just to listen to my favorite radio program, Thru the Bible [TTB], after I moved back to Egypt from [a neighboring country]. Your program was given to me as a gift from God when I was in need of spiritual food, and it was the first and only source of encouragement and spiritual food for my faith after I received the Lord Jesus into my heart.

Let me share with you this blessing I received through you. [I belonged to a mystical order of another religion, and my grandfather had been one of the order’s founders.] I did not know anything about Christianity other than that it was wrong – and the Bible was wrong, too. I also used to hear from our elders about the sweetness of our faith, and I was looking for this kind of sweetness but couldn’t find it in [the other religion].

[After beginning medical school, I went to tutor a colleague’s son in science], but here I found new life, too – the new birth! When I entered the house and went into the sitting room, I spotted the verse “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life,” so I said to myself, I want this eternal life, how can I get it?

I felt a sudden power that seemed to rip my heart from its place and I even fainted. I awoke to the voice of my colleague who wanted to give me a drink. She asked me what was wrong. I said nothing but I felt a wonderful, amazing power within my soul. I excused myself from giving the private lesson.

I left with a strong desire to have a Bible. I stopped at a church on my way back, but it was closed, so I returned home. I love to listen to radio in general and especially to Radio Monte Carlo. Usually after the broadcast ends, I turn to Radio London. You must believe that till that night I had never heard about TWR’s programs. I was busy with something, so I didn’t change the station, and then I heard some music that caught my ear, and I started following the programs.

Through TTB I learned all of the basic truths of Christianity and how to accept Jesus Christ into my life. For more than 2½ years, it was the only source of spiritual food in my life. I couldn’t go to church because of the police and family. I used to pray for you and your ministry all the time. After a while, I was able to contact the church in 2005, and I was baptized.

My family didn’t know about my faith, but I kept evangelizing among [members of my family’s religion] and proving to them that Christ and the Bible are real and true. Two came to Christ and were baptized secretly.

But in 2013 my family found out about my faith, and I couldn’t deny Jesus. They tortured me badly to try to get me to go back to the darkness. They made me choose between death and going back to [the other religion]. I chose death, but by God’s grace my little brother helped me escape to Egypt.

I’m now so happy that I’m listening to your programs again. I continue to pray for you and your ministry to lighten this dark world with the light of Jesus.

Facts about the Middle East:

  • The Arab World comprises 22 countries, among them Egypt, Iraq, Sudan, Saudi Arabia and Yemen.
  • The region is home to more than 360 million people.
  • Amid the ongoing unrest in this turbulent region, TWR delivers vital spiritual programming each day. The content is available around the clock on Arabic Internet Radio.