I found Jesus one late evening while I was in the hospital. It was dark and quiet except for the radio playing in the background. “The Lord Jesus can heal you and give you new life…,” the man on the radio proclaimed in the Marathi language. Those words opened a window in my mind’s eye and I saw for a moment a glimpse of a better future. It seemed like in front of me was a ray of hope.

I looked back and saw how dark my life use to be. Addiction to alcohol and other substances blanketed my life in darkness. I use to be a good-for-nothing who spent way too much money on friends and entertainment. After my family’s money ran out, my so-called friends left me. My parents considered me a curse and my health declined severely.

In the stillness of the night, as I lay there confined to the hospital bed, I desperately wanted to believe what the man was saying on the radio. I looked around me and remembered those terrible words the doctor told me that my lungs had eroded beyond repair. I was left with no friends, no money, no family and no health.

I started listening regularly to the radio program and gradually I developed new confidence. All the fear that once threatened to cripple me faded away. I found a real friend in Jesus Christ. I started praying for my healing and a better future.

Today, I am much better and have found a good Christian man who is also leading me spiritually. We still listen to the program Upasana together without fail.