ANGOLA — Unfortunately, I got married before I met Jesus. Both my husband and I were wicked. We have two daughters together and my husband had seven lovers. He mistreated me, and for revenge I did not feed him.

One day, I had enough and went looking for something that would help me forget my problems. I thought buying capuca [a homemade fermented drink in Angola] would numb my pain. But deep within my heart, a voice asked, “Will you ruin your life because of one man? What if you become addicted to the drink?” I went home and slept until the next day. The ladies of a TWR Project Hannah prayer group prayed for me and told me about the love of Jesus. Then I accepted him, and by the grace of God I was converted!

For three years now I have been a member of Project Hannah’s prayer groups [in Angola]. Through them, I learned how to pray, and it changed my life. My husband surprised me and asked me what I have [in my life now]. My daughters also converted to Christianity and they pray with me in Project Hannah. My husband left all his lovers and treats me well now. I have faith that he will become a believer. Please continue to pray for him.