CAMBODIA -– We received a call from one of our listeners in the province of Battambang, who shared his testimony:

“I worship God at a local church and I’m very happy with the Women of Hope program. I noticed that I changed after listening to the word of God through your programs. I have also gained much more knowledge about the Lord.

“I also help my church members grow in the Lord by encouraging them to listen to the Women of Hope program and worshiping him together. The life lessons are helping my church members to turn from their bad habits, and also help them have a better relationship with God. They have learned to give their worries to God.

“I am grateful that God provides for my family and we are never in want. I will be moving to another village so that I can share the gospel with the other villagers, and hope to share this radio program to them. Please pray with me as I do this. Thank you.”

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