CZECH REPUBLIC — TWR has an active ministry to the Roma people, who are more commonly known as Gypsies. The Roma have long faced discrimination, and a man in the Czech Republic wrote us after listening to one of our programs and told about his personal journey regarding the issue:

Thank you very much for this good program. I have had more than one negative experience with Gypsy people. Yet I am thankful to God for showing me my stupid prejudices.

Recently I needed to rent my apartment in Bruntal. One Gypsy family was interested. We were hesitating at first, but eventually we said, “God´s will be done!” And we agreed to rent the flat to them.

When we visited them later, we found a wonderful family of believers with an amazing atmosphere, [the apartment] clean the way our home rarely ever is. The grandson obeyed his grandma at the first word. Everybody showed love to one another. And we felt great among them.

Eventually our tenants invited us to their church, where the majority of the congregation were Gypsies. There was such a friendly, great spirit present that made a big impression on us. It is hard to describe the heartfelt worship – without overhead [projections] or PowerPoint. So now I am praying to God to remove my prejudices and to enable me not to accept the majority view automatically.

Have great days. God bless you! I am going back to listening …

Facts About the Czech Republic*:

  • Tourism plays an important role in the economy, one of the strongest in Central Europe.
  • Evangelicals make up only a tiny portion of the population, and the formerly dominant Catholic Church has weakened.
  • TWR’s national partner in the Czech Republic, TWR-CZ, as it is known, produces and broadcasts programs in the Czech language and works closely with TWR Slovakia.

*Operation World, 7th edition