TURKEY — You probably have read some of the many stories we receive from listeners whose lives are changed when they stumble across a gospel broadcast while tuning their radios. About as often, however, we hear from people who discover Jesus Christ after being introduced to TWR programming by an acquaintance.

That’s the case with this 29-year-old woman in Turkey.

I don’t know my father. My mother had a lot of relationships when she was younger. When she got pregnant, my father didn’t want to accept me and left her.

I had a hard childhood. I was angry at my mother. I always criticized her, but when I grew up, one day I saw that I had become like her. I was doing exactly the same things.

One day a friend of mine said, “Don’t judge or you will be judged.” I didn’t understand what she said. She said that she had read this in the Bible. I had never heard about Christianity before.

My friend said that she listened to your program, and so I started to listen to your program as well. You gave me hope for the future. I got a Bible. I read it and I accepted Jesus into my life. I know that no other name can help me.

I wanted to thank you. Blessings.

Facts About Turkey:

  • Turkey stands astride the boundaries of Europe and Asia and of conservative Islam and modern secular society.
  • In 2012, Turkish became the 60th language in which the Project Hannah flagship program, Women of Hope, was broadcast.