NEPAL – Hati is HIV positive. She lives alone with nobody to depend on. Here is her story.

I am HIV positive and I got it from my husband. Three years ago, he died from Aids. I have only one daughter who’s married and living away from me. I am all alone in this world and I am very lonely. As a HIV patient, I am looked down on by relatives and neighbors. Poverty was a curse for my life.

Sickness, rejection, hatred and poverty made my life more miserable. I did not see any hope in my life. I had no reason to live. I keep asking God why my life was like hell.

During this time when I was struggling, I happened to tune into a radio program from TWR Nepal. Gradually, it became a source of comfort to me. It is like a balm to my soul, knowing someone (God) really loves, cares and accepts me as I am. He will never reject me. Now I’m very happy that God is my helper. He is there in every situation of my life. Even though each step is hard for me and my life ahead is still tough, I know now that I am dearly loved. Jesus is my everything.