CROATIA — Respected brothers and sisters in Christ! I always listen to all of your broadcasts. Since I have access to the Internet, I use it the entire day for listening. I have listened to the programs from the very beginning of your broadcasts.

I now spend my retirement days listening to them. They have become a continuing need in my life. I cannot imagine my spiritual life without them. I pray for your work, that many others will be made happy as I am and that many would come to believe in the truth that God created us for eternal life in righteousness, joy and peace. But they don’t have the understanding through which they can receive your broadcasts.

I believe that your work is led by the Holy Spirit, so many of your listeners have received their savior. Your broadcasts and my prayers sealed my relationship with God, and I have joy on the path on which our Shepherd leads me. I know that I have received the authority to be called a child of God. No one can take this away from me. Through the gift of God’s grace, I have achieved salvation through faith.

I have gone through two operations for cancer of the large intestine, and I am also a heart patient with several different diagnoses. I go on through constant checkups. My faith in my [divine] healer became reality. For me, these are not troubles but are trials with God’s help as well as with the knowledge that God works with us for the good of all those who love him.

Here we are only temporary travelers. Our home is in heaven, where the Lord waits for us, although he does dwell in us now with the power of the Holy Spirit. I cannot find words to express what it means to have the savior in my heart. Not even tears of joy in prayer can express this. I would like to take advantage of your kindness to ask that you send me a copy of the Bible.

Facts about Croatia*:

  • Croatia is a crescent-shaped country between the Danube River and Adriatic Sea.
  • Long-term communist mismanagement and the war with Serbia undermined a previously solid economy. Recovery is still in process.
  • TWR’s national partner in Croatia, Val Evanđelja (Gospel Wave), was founded in 2000, and its ministry encompasses media, humanitarian, economic and cultural outreach.

* Some of the information cited here comes from Operation World, 7th edition.