INDONESIA — “I am very grateful for TWR’s Indonesian programs. The programs I like most are Women of Hope and The Word Today. These two programs really bless me. After listening to the programs in the morning I feel strong and my faith in Jesus grows.”

Mia* wrote to us, sharing how she had harbored jealousy, disappointment and pain in her heart from being childless for 15 years. Until one day a pastor, introduced her to the radio programs aired by TWR Indonesia. She began to tune in to the programs and soon become a faithful listener.

“I feel no disappointment anymore. I heard Hannah’s story on Women of Hope, and I feel that Hannah went through the same thing as what I’m facing. Hannah had the same suffering as I did.

“One lesson I learned from Hannah’s life is how she came and prayed to the Lord. She asked for a child and God answered her prayer. I have never done that. So it touched my heart and I am encouraged to do the same as Hannah did. I believe the Lord will not leave me alone.”

Since then Mia always praises the Lord and is committed to draw close to God as Hannah did. She has also learned to be patient when people look down on her. She wants to live for the Lord… while a child is important, for Mia it is even more important to have the truth and to live in line with the words of Jesus.

*not her real name

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