CAMBODIA — 60-year-old Chhorn lives in Cambodia with her two sons selling provisions in a small market. Every morning before she opens her small shop, she prays that God will bless her business.

She told TWR Cambodia that she attends church every Sunday and also listens to the Women of Hope (WOH) program with a group of women every Thursday. She shared that she is grateful to God for blessing her family and giving her good health at her age. She is blessed and continues sharing the good news of Jesus to her customers and other villagers.

The team spoke with her at a listener gathering in her village, this is what she had to say:

“Today, I am very happy to join my church members and other villagers to meet with the team from TWR Cambodia. The lesson was good as you shared about love as it is told in the Bible. In the past I didn’t love others, was less helpful and I was often angry with my sons and my customers at my small shop. But after this lesson, I understand the meaning of love, that I need to help others who are in need, to forgive as God forgave me, be kind and love others as myself.

Women of Hope is a good program for both men and women. I like to listen to it because I always get more knowledge as well as encouragement. With the new knowledge from WOH, I can educate my sons and tell them more about Jesus too. I feel closer to my church members after I listen to Women of Hope program with them, as we can share what we have learned from the program. More than that, I have good relationships with villagers and church members. Please pray for my sons and for my health.”