CAMBODIA — Here are some letters we received from listeners of our Khmer language children’s program, Happy Children’s Garden!

Chree, a new listener group leader, shared this with us: “Greetings to the Happy Children’s Garden program team! I am so happy that we have this program because we surely need it. It is the best program ever, as it has health lessons and Bible stories. It is not only me who likes this program; the children also really like it. I give thanks to God who knows what we need for the children in my village. Please remember my family in your prayers… also please pray for the children here to open their hearts to accept Christ as their Savior. One more thing, please pray for children’s health as now many children are getting sick and also pray for His support to each child’s family. May God bless your team. Thanks.”

Pichey, a 12 year-old boy writes: “I love to listen to the Happy Children’s Garden program because it has both health and Bible lessons. ‘Eating Safe Food’ is a lesson that I learned from this program. It reminded me to drink clean water and properly cooked food. Before I believed in Jesus I had lot problems in my life but after I accepted Him as my Savior I am free of the problems. I believe that God is mighty and he is able to do all things. Thank you so much for your program. And May God bless you!”

Chan, a 10 year-old boy who came to Christ last year, said, “The lessons that I listened to today are on ‘Creation’ and ‘Choking’. Through the lesson I could learn that God created all things on different days. He created those things through His Word. So, His Word is really powerful. I love to listen to this program because it teaches me about the stories in the Bible, and some health lessons which are really simple to apply.”