CUBA — I give thanks to God for your lives and for the Project Hannah program Women of Hope, which each day is offered over TWR. I am not always able to listen, but when I do I am strengthened.

In days past, I heard the program about the violation of women and young women. What a bitter experience for the soul are these sad events that cannot be easily forgotten! Only with God’s help is one able to overcome this experience of our lives.

I can testify to this and tell you that all my life [an experience of this kind] has wounded my self-esteem, changing me into a mistrusting, insecure and bitter woman – so much so that my marriage has been damaged. But I thank God because after so many years of keeping this in my heart, today I bring it to light. I need to be free of this past and bitter experience.

I give thanks to God. Thank you, sisters, for being of help to so many women who, perhaps in many faraway countries, listen to your programs and are edified and helped. Glory to God for what he does through you. God bless you greatly.