RUSSIA — “Rejoice with me!”

Those words from a TWR listener in Russia make for a decidedly upbeat letter opening.

“I am like that woman [in Jesus’ parable] who lost a piece of silver. Now I have a new radio receiver. The old one did not play back CDs normally,” she wrote to TWR Russia.

The Russian ministry team had sent her CDs of their programming. With the new player, she was able to listen once again to a pastor whose messages she especially enjoyed.

“They are so relevant and so inspiring,” she wrote. “If you have any new messages from him, please let me have them, too.”

Now, with the help of TWR Russia and an alternative technology, she’s able to listen to Bible-based programs even when the radio schedule doesn’t match her own or when broadcast reception is poor.

“I always listen to Sunday Message,” she said. “Too bad it is so late. Tiredness takes over, and the mind cannot take in things anymore. I also love Compass and Time With a Pastor. … But I can listen to a CD at any time.”

Facts About Russia:

  • Today, eight staff members and 12 volunteers produce TWR programs in two offices, one in St. Petersburg and the other in Krasnoyarsk.
  • Nearly five hours of programming air each day on AM (medium wave), plus an additional three hours per week live from St. Petersburg. A four-hour block of programs can be heard anytime via Internet radio.