TURKEY — “I’m so glad that I found you on radio,” a 23-year-old woman in Turkey wrote to TWR, echoing a common observation included in letters to the ministry. Many listeners say that they discovered TWR programs when they stumbled over them while scanning the radio dial and that they kept tuning in to hear what these speakers of their native languages were talking about.

When she was younger, the woman in Turkey said, she knew nothing about Christianity and her family wouldn’t allow her to research the unfamiliar faith. She secured a Bible in secret and kept it hidden at home.

She was troubled by the traditional religion followed by her family. While she was still young, her family wanted to marry her to a much older man. She had no other way of resisting her family’s wishes, so she started praying.

“One night while I was praying, I heard a voice. The voice said, ‘Don’t worry, my daughter. I will save you.’ And he did.”

Years later, she came across one of TWR’s broadcasts and again heard a voice inside. “Listen carefully,” the voice told her. “They are talking about me.”

She began reading the Bible.

“I’m a child of the God of love now,” the young woman wrote. “When I marry one day, I want to marry a Christian. I pray and believe that he will help me. Pease pray with me.”

Facts About Turkey*:

  • The population of Turkey, which straddles the geographic dividing line of Europe and Asia, is predominantly Muslim. A Kurdish minority, also primarily Muslim, accounts for as much as 20 percent of the population of 77 million.
  • A long history of conflicts with culturally Christian Europe has left a legacy of distrust and hostility toward the faith.
  • TWR programs such as Women of Hope, Thru the Bible and Leading the Way are available in Turkish on AM radio.

*Operation World, 7th edition, was used in the preparation of this country report.