Côte d’Ivoire — When the Ebola epidemic grabbed the world’s attention in 2014, TWR West Africa got busy and produced a new program aimed at calming fears and providing practical medical information.

Alert Ebola aired to several countries in the region, though the outbreak was largely restricted to Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone. TWR West Africa worked with government and health officials to develop the necessary health messages and was able to cooperate even with non-Christians to spread the word.

A listener got in touch to say that the broadcasts had helped.

I would like to thank the Lord for protecting us from the Ebola virus in Côte d’Ivoire. I also thank TWR for helping me to restore [sound hygienic practices] in my family. Today my children understand the need to respect and take the advice from your program. The Ebola epidemic has not hit Côte d’Ivoire, and we thank God for that.

Thank you once again to TWR for the effort you have made in informing us in the early stages of the epidemic just how critical this disease is. Thank you for raising awareness with regard to hygiene. I pray that the Ivorian population will continue to practice what was taught to them by TWR programs.

Did You Know?

TWR’s Healthy Life radio series is a magazine-type program of varying lengths that addresses a variety of health issues across life spans: children, teens and young adults, women, men, and adults of middle through senior ages. The categories help ensure that specific diseases peculiar to different age groups are addressed.