INDIA -– Many of you know associate TWR with radio programs, but did you know that TWR does more than just radio?

TWR uses a variety of media platforms to share the hope of Christ, and the choice of which platform varies based on our audience. Our team in India received a letter recently from a listener about how TWR programming on the Internet benefits him spiritually.

“My name is Chandra* and I am in my thirties. I used to serve in the military but I had to return to my village due to some issues at home. I had heard about Jesus while I was in the army, and I put my faith in him and trusted him. I was eager to learn more about God, but I did not know how to read or how to study the Bible.

“Back then, I had a friend who owned a computer with an internet connection. We both started searching for messages from the word of God. We came across the radio882 website and I listened to a few messages in Hindi. I also found the TWR360 app and downloaded it on my mobile phone. Since then I have been happily listening to TWR gospel programs in both Punjabi and Hindi languages.

I am greatly blessed by it as I am not able to attend a seminary to study God’s Word in more detail. The programs have helped me learn so much more about God and in great depth. Through it, I am able to systematically study each book of the bible and it has helped me share God’s Word to others as well. So far, I have shared this website to about 20 people and have also started a small church in my village. God is good! And please uphold us in your prayers. Thank you TWR.”

*not his real name