INDIA –- “Many years ago, my daughter faced many complications at birth and had to be kept in an incubator. There were times where her face turned a bad shade of blue as she struggled for her life.

During that time of great pain, God appeared to me in a vision and comforted me. However, I had no knowledge of who Jesus really was. My sister — who is a Christian — told me about Him and gave me a New Testament.

I started reading it, much to the distaste of my husband. He is against Christianity and openly condemns anything related to Jesus. Still, I continued reading and praying in secret. I believed in Jesus and He miraculously healed my daughter.

I chanced upon the Thru the Bible radio program in Telugu, and it has laid the foundation for my Christian walk.

To this day, I cannot freely follow Jesus or read His word in front of my husband. My daughter is grown up now and married, but they do not know Jesus.

I continue to be a Christian against all odds. Your radio programs have kept me company. My heart is still heavily burdened for my family. Please remember us in your prayers.”