KENYA — When a 27-year-old dispatcher in Nairobi, Kenya, was jobless and feeling worthless, the Word of God and his friends over the radio helped him keep going.

The young man wrote TWR’s response team a touching message of gratitude.

I thank you very much for writing back to me and being there when I thought I had no one. Let us continue to share the goodness of the Lord together. Let us thank God for the grace he has given to the pastor who ministers to us through Neno Litaendelea [Thru the Bible in Swahili].

I remember back in 2015 when I was unemployed. I remember being reduced to a grotesque image of my former self. Almost everyone laughed and jeered at me. I wrote a long letter to the pastor and attached my CV asking him to pray for me so that God Almighty may see me through my tribulations and give me a job.

During that time I was an ardent listener of the program on Sayare [Christian station]. I remember the pastor reading the book of Malachi. He emphasized God’s restoration of the family and many other aspects of the book in detail. I had my Bible with me, and as the pastor read over the radio, I also read mine.

God answered my prayers in October and blessed me with a job. I am really grateful that I received the TWR address and that we can communicate directly now. Also, thank you for the online link you sent me. I am eagerly waiting to meet the faces behind Neno Litaendelea – especially Pastor Munialo. Indeed, God looked out for me.


Did You Know?

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