NEPAL -– Rayna* is a listener of the Thru the Bible broadcasts in the Nepali language. A widow who lost her husband many years ago, she lives with her grown-up daughters in a village where Christianity is frowned upon.

“I was sick at the time, and my daughter — who is a Christian — encouraged me to believe in Jesus. I told her that there is no need to change my religion at such an old age, but she urged me to do so. I told her I didn’t want to be tormented by my relatives. However, my daughter told me that my health and life is more important than anything else… And as I was sick and alone, I desperately needed God.”

After Rayna heard this, she decided to attend church with her daughter.

“I accepted Jesus into my heart when the church people prayed for me. I really wanted to have a fellowship in my house, but when the people in my village heard of it, they warned the pastors not to preach in our area. They threatened to beat them up, cut off their legs, and throw them in the river. It was scary and we were all afraid.

“Although I believe in God, there is no one to help me. Since then, my daughter has moved away and it is harder for me to bear up to the persecution around me. Your program has helped me and I am being encouraged. Please remember us in your prayers. Thank you TWR Nepal.”

Please pray for believers like Rayna and her daughter who face persecution on a regular basis.

*not her real name

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