CAMBODIA – The TWR team in Cambodia regularly travels to various villages to meet up with partners and listener groups. On one such occasion, they were privileged to meet a couple working as Sunday school teachers at their local church. They are able to serve the Lord only by his grace. This is their testimony.

Prak* is a faithful and confident teacher who serves the children in his village, together with his wife. He accepted Christ as his personal Lord and savior 18 years ago through a missionary who shared the good news with him.

He said, ”I have used the Happy Children’s Garden radio programs to teach many village children, but I had not heard of It’s Yours before. Now that I know about this youth program, I want to try teaching the youths as well. I think it will be really helpful for us as we reach out to the youth in the village.

“I am happy to meet your team and hope we can maintain a good relationship and do hope you can help us when we need it. Your program has been really helpful for me and my wife, who work by grace without any partners at this point. Thank you.”

* not his real name
Photo by Fancycrave on Unsplash

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