SPAIN — An Ecuadorean woman who moved from New York to live with her daughter and grandchildren in Spain had her eyes opened when she listened to a Bible program.

Angela (not her real name) said she had halfheartedly tried listening to various preachers online at the urging of her daughter, who had accepted Christ a couple of years before. But then one day she listened to A Través de la Biblia, the Spanish version of J. Vernon McGee’s Thru the Bible, which her daughter’s friend had sent over the Internet.

“From that day, I felt a great happiness,” Angela said. “Well, here in Spain, as there is no work, I have enough time to listen daily to Internet radio.”

Angela remembered that her husband once had a richly ornamented Bible but that it had never occurred to her to open it.

“I lived many years of anguish and loneliness, although I was fine financially,” she said. “I had a bandage on my eyes. I feel so sorry that I have lost so much time. But God has been good and has given me this opportunity. I am so grateful. Your program is like a balm for my soul.”

Facts About Spain*:

  • Since the death of dictator Francisco Franco in the mid-1970s, Spain has rapidly developed into a wealthier, freer state integrated into modern Europe.
  • Catholicism is no longer the state religion it was under Franco, but it continues to have important role in society. The numbers of evangelical believers and churches have grown but are often seen as outsiders in the culture.
  • TWR’s national partner in Spain is Canal de Vida, which oversees Christian outreach on radio and television and manages the station Radio Encuentro.

Operation World, 7th edition, was used in the preparation of this country report.