CHINA – A brother-in Christ wrote to us and expressed his appreciation for TWR’s Chinese ministry and its programs.

“I have received your letter, as well as a guide to biblical teaching. In your letter, you mentioned that you have been praying for me regularly. Thank you for your prayers and concern for my life. Although we have never met, we are one big family in Christ.

I have been facing some problems in my life and am feeling discouraged. My relationship with my wife has not been good for some time. My health has also been poor and the doctor has advised me not to work. My family members and two sisters are currently supporting my medical bills.

Each time I feel discouraged, your letters strengthen my faith in God. Thank you for your reminder and advice to lift up my problems to Him in prayer.

I have been listening to the Self-Confrontation program on a daily basis. Several of my church members have also been listening regularly to this program. The program has taught me how to live a Christ-centered life. Each time I listen to the program, I feel as if a friend is sitting beside me, sharing the biblical messages with me. I have learnt how to live out a fulfilling life at home and in my personal life.

I thank God for your encouragement and teaching through your programs and letters. God is our pillar of strength. Even though I face difficult circumstances in my life, I can now focus on God’s sovereignty and live a Christ-centered life.

I pray God will continue to bless you.”

Praise the Lord for helping this brother-in-Christ lead a Christ-centered life despite his circumstances. Do prayerfully consider helping TWR reach out to many more in China with God’s Word.