PHILIPPINES — “I love my mother so much, but as for how to show it, in ways she can feel and understand… I don’t know how.”

Prisca* is one of our listeners from the Philippines, who yearns to be loved by her mother.

She and her sister are both adult professionals, but she is puzzled by the difference in how her mother treats them.

Everything her sister asks, she is given — ranging from food and clothing to cars and property — even now that they are grown and have their own families. But she doesn’t receive anything.

“Even when we were young, I felt and knew that I was not my mother’s favorite. I know that my parents have no responsibility to provide for my family now, but seeing the unequal treatment disturbs me.” She mentioned that she can’t help but feel jealous sometimes.

Prisca has already accepted that her older sister is her mother’s favorite. But she still longs for a mother to hug, to take care of, to love and to share things in life.

“The person that I am supposed to love, to care, to laugh with, and to share with many things with — treats me like a stranger.”

She tried to get closer to her mother, showing that she loves and cares for her mother by bringing food, fruits, and many other things. But her mother never touches what she brings, and doesn’t seem interested to see her.

“Listening to the In Touch ministry programs helps me a lot, especially spiritually.”

Prisca has asked for prayer so that she can learn why her mother treats her in this way. She hopes to have a better relationship with her mother while she is still alive.

*not her real name