Kenya — Thomas knew there was something really significant about those gospel programs on the radio, and he wasn’t going to quit searching until he found them again.

Thomas (not his real name) had always enjoyed listening to Bible broadcasts as a boy in Kenya, but he lost touch with his radio mentor as he grew up and went off to college. Much later, he wrote TWR Kenya to tell of the lengthy quest that eventually achieved success.

Then sometime last year I heard about Trans World Radio in Kenya through a local FM station. I took your phone number with the intention to inquire about Neno Litaendelea [the Swahili version of Thru the Bible], but I misplaced them a day before I could make that call. For the last two to three years, I have unsuccessfully been trying to search on Facebook for the lady who used to announce the Bible teacher.

My breakthrough came when I spoke to someone who worked with a Christian station that airs some of your programs. He told me where your offices were, but due to circumstances beyond my control I could not go to them. Thankfully, I managed to get your email address.

Currently I am a member of a church, and I can proudly say that it was through Neno Litaendelea Bible teachings that I was introduced to Christ and was the reason I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior during my teen years. I want to get Neno CDs that I can listen to anywhere I please.

My life is changing since I have been listening to the Bible teaching. I no longer do things the same way. There are some places I have stopped going to. I even had some friends whom I have stopped accommodating. Through the walk and through the Bible, I have come to know my role in the body of Christ. My life is transforming to that of a Christian.

… Thank you. God bless you, Trans World Radio Kenya.


Did You Know?

Witness at the Water, a Project Samuel initiative, is a program that reaches out to children about 12 years old and under. The project is based on the calling of Samuel, the boy in the Bible who brought change and hope to his community. Project Samuel offers every child the potential to hear from God and make a godly difference.