FINLAND — A listener in Finland wrote to explain how she had learned important life lessons through Christian broadcasts. TWR’s partner in Finland is best known as Sansa and produces Finnish programs while supporting international programs in 39 languages.

In Shield of Faith, one of your programs, you asked us listeners to let you know how your programs help us. Well, the program Shield of Faith, as well as other programs (on family issues), help me personally to understand the Word of God but also to understand myself, my family life, and my relationships with my husband and children. The most important thing is to see my own mistakes and humble my pride. All of these things the Lord is doing through your programs.

Very often, when I find it hard to understand something, it is through you that the Lord is giving me an answer. For example, I could not understand some of the actions of my husband and was irritated by them. I thought of myself as right, yet in so many areas I was not right.

Shield of Faith showed me my wrong attitude toward certain cults. It is true that we have to talk to them with love and not just know the Word of God, but we must love the LORD with our whole heart. I corresponded with a woman, and she happened to be a Jehovah’s Witness. I began to argue, wanting to prove to her that that denomination is wrong instead of helping her to understand. Our correspondence discontinued. I pray now that the Lord would open the truth to her – and his will to me.

Therefore, I am very thankful to you, TWR!!!

Facts about Finland*:

  • Finland has freedom of religion, and is consistently ranked by world surveys as a leading nation in education, civil liberties, income and peace.
  • Although the Church, like the Europe as a whole, faces decreasing participation, Finns continue to be active in missionary efforts abroad.
  • Finland is next door to Russia, and Sansa reaches out to people in that country, including their ethnic “cousins” living there.

* Some of the information cited here comes from Operation World, 7th edition.