VIETNAM — Christians certainly can’t expect God to make all of life’s trials disappear, but they are assured that he stands beside them in hard times and that in all things he works for the good of those who are “called according to his purpose,” as the apostle Paul writes. Things looked hopeless for this TWR listener in Vietnam, so he clung to his Savior. 

Thank God because his grace is great for me! He saved me from Satan’s darkness into the light of Christ. …

I was a broken man because of a business failure. It was highly probable that my house would be seized and my wife and children would have no place to stay. In that hopeless situation, I relied on Jesus. His Word, through your program, brought peace to me and my family.

During that time, I sold all the land around my house for a high price. So I paid off my old debt and still kept a house for our use. It is great miracle for my family.

In the rest of my life, I will serve God faithfully and will faithfully study his Word through your program. I wish for many people to experience God’s goodness as I did.

Your faithful listener,

[name withheld]

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