Cuba — Faithful listeners of TWR often become outspoken promoters of the Christian broadcasts. One Cuban radio repairman even found a way to incorporate his advocacy into his job.

TWR representatives encountered the man during a tour of the Caribbean country to meet with Cuban audience members of the ministry’s programming. Much of the work of the technician, whose name is withheld for security reasons, involves peddling his bicycle to small neighboring towns to fix residents’ old radios made in the Soviet Union – back when it still existed.

The frequency of some station has to be used during the final adjustment phase, so this technician does his fine-tuning on 800 AM – the dial position of TWR’s 100,000-watt transmission from the island of Bonaire. On each radio fixed, therefore, 800 AM has served as the standard for best reception.

Then the technician goes a step further, marking the dial to indicate the TWR frequency. And for good measure he instructs the owner where to place the radio in the house to get optimal reception of the Bonaire broadcasts.
This radio technician, in a country where the government controls all broadcast content and prohibits editorial independence, unashamedly introduces his clients to the Gospel radio signal from which he draws spiritual nourishment.