CUBA — A woman named Maria wrote from Cuba to tell about the role played in her life by Thru the Bible, the program on which J. Vernon McGee guides listeners aboard a “Bible bus” on a five-year tour of Scripture.

“Your messages reach us every night in a way that only can happen through the Holy Spirit, who is the guide for each one of you. Your lessons are like a warm balm that calms the pain at the end of a day filled with struggles and battles. You are the answer to my day’s questions.

“My mother-in-law smiles when she sees my Bible and books in the kitchen each night. She does not understand that this is my precious time when the Lord allows me to travel with you on this fascinating journey where we are all traveling in the communion of the Holy Savior. If He were to return at any moment, I am sure that all those of us who are traveling together in the whole world, upon seeing each other, would feel joy for the blessing of having chosen to spend our time in the best way.

“Thank you for being there. You are a gift of God for so many in the world who are being evangelized in a special way. Even those who have never been to school are trusting Christ. This is a very special gift, and would to God that all could receive it. It’s available to everyone.”

Facts about Cuba*:

  • Although atheism is no longer the policy of the communist government, harassment of churches and imprisonment of some leaders have been reported.
  • Many hope that warming relations with the U.S. will improve the trouble state-run economy.
  • Cuban church leaders and members are eager for TWR’s Bonaire transmitter to get its planned power upgrade so the broadcasts can be received clearly and consistently across the island.

* Some of the information cited here comes from Operation World, 7th edition.