From a faithful listener of Thru the Bible in Vietnam:

The days were dreary and the nights were even darker for me. I was a broken man. My business had failed miserably and I was down to my last penny. I was in debt just paying for the house where I lived with my wife and children. I knew if I could not clear my debt very soon, even the house would be seized.

Thinking of the hopeless situation, I knew no one else could help me but Jesus. His grace is sufficient for me and through it, he has saved me from darkness into the light of Christ. During that time, the Word of God through the TWR radio programs brought peace to me and my family.

God is faithful and answered my cry for help. The price went up for the land around my house and I managed to sell it at a very high price. With that money, I paid off my debt. Not only that, I also kept my house. It is a miracle for my family.

I will serve God faithfully for the rest of my life and will study his Word through your program. I hope many people will experience God’s goodness like I did.