PAKISTAN — Here is an listener response from an elderly lady in Pakistan.

“I am seventy years old. Some months ago I fell sick and could not stop vomiting. I was too weak to walk, and was put on different medications. However nothing worked and even my family members gave up. They said I was in my last stage of life and refused to do any more for me. The doctors could do little for me, and seemed to have no further interest in my situation.

“I wept before God.

“I am thankful that I had a nephew who also believes in Jesus. He prayed with me, and would sit beside me with a radio in his hands. As I listened to God’s word over TWR’s radio broadcasts, I felt peace. We did this for seven days and I felt an incredible strength surge through my body. Miraculously, God healed me completely.

“My recovery and healing surprised many around me and their faith also increased. Praise the Lord!”