CAMBODIA –- Mr Keo* loves children. Himself a father to six children, Mr Keo leads listener groups for children in Phnom Penh and Kampong Cham so the children can learn more about Jesus through TWR’s Happy Children’s Garden radio program in the Khmer language.

He writes:

“Greetings to the Happy Children’s Garden program team! I really thank God and thank you for responding to the listener letters, as well as including a small gift in each package. The children are very happy and they wish to say ‘Thank You’ to you too. I am really glad that the children love to listen to the program.

“As you know, I bring this program to a primary school every Friday because I’m only allowed to do it one day a week. Unfortunately, this means that only the sixth grade gets the opportunity to listen — the other classes are not able to do so, even though they have expressed their interest. It really touches my heart and I feel sorry for them. I really want those children to listen to the Happy Children’s Garden program too! So please keep them in your prayers.

“For myself, I love to listen to all the lessons from the Happy Children’s Garden program because it helps me both physically and spiritually. I am really thankful to TWR Cambodia for such good programs for the kids in Cambodia. May God bless this ministry!”

*not his real name

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