NORTH AFRICA — Radio is crucial in reaching North Africans with the gospel. TWR began broadcasting into North Africa in 1965, and today a powerful medium-wave transmitter carries God’s Word into the region.

A Kabyle Berber woman wrote TWR to tell her enthusiastic story of discovering the gospel by way of the airwaves.

“Hello, dear servants of God, I am your sister in Christ,” she wrote, adding, “Thank God I found the true path to follow to return to my creator for eternity.”

She was surprised, she said, the first time she heard a program and learned that Jesus is the Word of God become flesh. The scriptures of the religion she grew up with mentioned Jesus but described him as only a prophet.

“How dare we say that Jesus is the Word of God but is not God?” the woman wrote. “Can we separate God and his Word? Surely God is his Word. They are one. Hallelujah!”

This North African believer continued, “Thank you, my dear friends, for the TWR programs you have produced to shine the light of Jesus on the Kabylia. Thousands of souls are saved. Your reward in heaven is great.”

Facts about the Kabyle Berbers*:

  • The main population of Kabyle people lives in Algeria, though a substantial number have emigrated to France.
  • The Kabyle account for the largest part of the thrilling growth in evangelical Christianity in this area during the past decade. Welcome unity is evident among the Christian community, which includes foreigners, Arabs and Berbers, of which the Kabyle are a subgroup.
  • TWR broadcasts programs such as Thru the Bible, Foundations of Family and Women of Hope weekly in the Kabyle language.

* Some of the information cited here comes from Operation World, 7th edition.