CAMBODIA — At just 21 years of age, Ven, who resides in the province of Battambang in Cambodia recently shared how TWR has impacted his ministry. Always ready to learn, Ven is a pastor’s assistant and his ministry includes helping youths and sharing the gospel with them. He had a chance to attend a lesson given by TWR Cambodia youth’s ministry. The lesson, Acts of Love, teaches strategies for planning and helping other villagers. So, how did Ven find the lesson relevant to his ministry and how does it impacted the people around him?

“I really appreciated the Acts of Love lesson because this is a strategy that can help build good relationships with others. Also, it is a way through which I can show the love of God to others and serve Him.”

This opportunity has opened new ways for Ven to show God’s love to others and also to serve God in ways he never thought of. Ven visits his church members in the village  every Sunday evening with a group of young people, to encourage and pray for them. Prior to learning from Acts of Love, he would just pray and talk with them. However, after learning much, he has decided to pass on the knowledge gleaned from it to the cell groups. This has encouraged and helped his church members to show more acts of love to the rest of the village.

Besides using the information he has learned in such a way, Ven has also put it to practice by helping others in his church. In closing our interview with him, he said,”Thank you so much for your presence and good lessons.”

Stories like Ven’s encouraged us to continually share lessons like Acts of Love to inspire and create content for others to share the Word of God. Please continue to uphold church workers like Ven in prayer. Pray for their work and continuous desire to serve God.