NEPAL — A year ago, an earthquake hit Nepal, and in one devastating sweep caused many residents to lose their lives as they knew it. Many lost family and loved ones. The chaos swept through their living quarters, businesses, and places of worship.

TWR Nepal sprang into action, taking hold of this God-given opportunity to spread the hope of Jesus Christ to the devastated community. We spoke to Simon Subba, the national director of TWR Nepal. He has much to share one year after the disaster.

It has been a year since the earthquake, what is the current situation there now?

The situation here, especially in the remote areas, is very bad. It is very hard to live in these areas. Rebuilding is still an ongoing problem. People are left with no proper houses or drinking water. There is an acute shortage of drinking water in many of the hilly areas due to the drying up of water sources after the quake.

Many of the people are forced to stay in temporary shelters, in tents. Last winter, many people died because of the cold. Children are forced to study under the open sky and in buildings that are torn apart. The children and elderly ones are suffering constantly.

The earth still shakes periodically. This causes the people to live in fear all the time. Some rebuilding has taken place, but it has been a slow process.

What has TWR Nepal team done so far?

TWR Nepal produced trauma and counselling programs, which have helped many victims to overcome the trauma and fear. TWR Nepal broadcasts daily programs to 11 affected areas.

Besides that, TWR Nepal also distributed relief aid such as food, water, and tents.

What radio programs have been broadcast in the last year?

TWR Nepal broadcasts a variety of programs, including discipleship programs, evangelistic programs, children’s programs, women’s programs and health programs. Besides these, TWR Nepal also broadcasts trauma and counselling programs.

What are the future plans of the TWR Nepal team?

TWR Nepal will continue to broadcast the counselling and disaster-awareness programs together with our existing programs. If possible we would also like to contribute to the rebuilding of Nepal in whatever little ways we can.

Here are few responses from listeners and radio station managers in Nepal:

“Thank you TWR Nepal for bringing relief aid to my village,” said a pastor. “Today, I am happy because not only my believers got food in such huge quantity, but the entire village too experienced this blessing. This gives a strong message to the non-Christians in my village who used to hate the believers that God loves and cares for them so much through His people. I believe and hope this kind of actions leave a positive impact on these people.

“Though the life is so tough and challenging in the aftermath of the earthquake, we still have hope in God. Though we are alive and look well physically, we are sick emotionally and mentally. We do not know what to do hereafter. Because we have nothing left but bad memories of the past. During such difficult times, your fellowship and radio programs boost our morale and help us to be strong. Thank you.”

Since the major earthquake took place, my children developed depression and trauma,” one listener shared. “They were not able to sleep at night. Fear and anxiety ruled their lives. But your program has helped me to cope with their fear and taught all of us how to overcome it. Thank you so much for teaching us how to deal with children in trauma and depression. This program not only gave us tips to help the children, but it also encourages us and give us hope through the comforting Word of God. Thank you so much.”

Another staff at a local radio station told the Nepal team that TWR’s program was not broadcasted through their station initially, but while monitoring the programs of other stations, they found this program very impressive.

“I have also started broadcasting this program from my radio station,” he said. “Since then, we have been receiving many phone calls from our listeners saying that they have benefitted greatly from this program. It has provided peace to those who have lost their hope because of the recent earthquake.”