CUBA — In one of the best-loved verses of the Bible, Proverbs places a solemn responsibility on the shoulders of parents: to train up children in the way they should go so they won’t depart from that path in later years. It’s one of the main reasons we at TWR are thrilled to hear of families who listen to gospel programs together, like this one in Las Tunas, Cuba.

I want to thank you for being on my radio every night – even though now I’m in college and I have no radio here and the Internet is quite limited. I have been a listener of the program since I was a child, and a lot of people joined my family to listen.

Until her death, my grandmother, even though she could not read, listened to the program every night. And now my parents, my sister and my brother listen to it along with the notes and outlines.

Thank you for being there.

Las Tunas is a sizable city in the southeastern portion of Cuba, an area that can be reached by TWR’s AM transmitter on the Caribbean island of Bonaire. The transmitter signal doesn’t carry strongly to most of Cuba northwest of Las Tunas, however, including to the huge capital city of Havana.

And this is the reason TWR is in the middle of a major project to quadruple the power of the signal from Bonaire, enabling us one day soon to cover all of Cuba with gospel broadcasts. You can read about the project at