North Africa — Your word is a lamp to my feet
and a light to my path.
Psalm 119:105

“[T]he people dwelling in darkness
have seen a great light,
and for those dwelling in the region and shadow of death,
on them a light has dawned.”
Matthew 4:16

Hello, brothers and sisters in Christ!
Through the word of the Lord that you send to us via radio, thousands of men and women have seen this great light. They have all left the darkness of the religion and of death.

I read the texts that I have just quoted [above] for a follower of the religion of our country who greeted me along the way and wanted to try to convert me to his religion. I told him, “Listen, my friend, I believe you will not have anything to teach me of the religion that I left.”

I read the verses of Psalm 119:105 and Matthew 4:16, and he listened attentively. Then he said to me, “What is this, ‘the shadow of death’? It must be terrible, isn´t it?”

I told him, “Those who live spiritually in darkness, they are all the time sitting in the shadow of death of the religions that they give themselves over to. On the other hand, those who live in the light of the Word of Christ, they share the love of God. In addition, the love of Jesus, who gave his life for them, has united them in peace.”

After some seconds of silence, our friend was convinced that he was among those who live in darkness, in the shadow of death. He asked me if he could borrow my Bible. I gave him my Bible as a gift and the broadcast frequency of TWR. Fifteen days later, he came back to see me, accompanied by five of his friends, also followers of the religion of our country, and asked that I give them Bibles, as well.

The leader of [the religion of our country’s] place of worship in the village had learned what happened. He told me, “I am going to file a complaint against you because you want to empty our place of worship to fill your church.” I told him, “I am nothing in this business. I only do what my master has ordered me to do.”
He asked me, “Who is your master?”
I answered him, “My master is Jesus – file a complaint against him, if you want.”

My dear friends [at TWR], every day there are new converts, and they need your programs. Know that you are our great institute of biblical teaching. But keep us on your prayer list. Because the fight is tough!